Wi-Fi Troubleshooting: Part #1

Last updated on June 1st, 2020 at 06:25 pm

With this new article I open a new series in which I want to approach the resolution of incidents in WLAN networks.

In this first article I only want to mention the possible problems that can cause a failure in Wi-Fi communications and, above all, make it clear that not everything to be done in such a failure necessarily falls on the network engineers. That’s right, the client devices have a lot to do in WLAN troubleshooting, and also the system engineers should be involved in the verification of these devices and the IT infrastructure (configuration, OS or driver patches, servers and services).

As exposing all the most common possible incidences in each layer of the deployment can be long, I have preferred to create a downloadable document in which I gather from the categorization of the incidence, to the evaluation of the problem and different approaches for the resolution.

In future articles I will collect in a more detailed way the methodology for the resolution of each incident, how to approach and solve them.

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